1993 Volvo 940 245 With 2.3 Turbo Convertion [Project] | £950

Hi hello. I'm looking to sell this project my brother and I started about 4 or 5 years ago and never finished. Shes been off the road for about that long and was just left at the side of the house. It was mainly my brothers project but I bought it off him about 2 years ago and never got around to it ether. Its a shame to see it going to waste there so it would be better off in someone else hands. 

Ill list the specs below but don't quote me on them...:

Shell is 1993 with about 130K 
It has Gaz shocks in the rear and adjustable springs 
The front springs were cut to see how it would sit
The wheels are 16x8 [I think] with spacer / pcd adapters 
Tires only saw a couple hundred miles use
Comes with Gaz shocks for the front
Interior is in very good condition
The body work is all good apart from the back left arch [not rotten just flaky paint] and the boot lid is starting to blister

Engine is a B230fk from a 940
[It had a quick referb [rinds and bearings] and I think the head was ported out a bit
Turbo is a Garrett replica 
Mitsubishi Evo injectors to suit 
Big inter-cooler
ECU and all that was swaped over from the 940, the electrics are ready to go
940 Radiator 
940 Gearbox [I believe this is an 'M90'?]

To get her working you'll need to:
Modify ether the 940 or 240 drive shaft to fit 
Wire up the electric fan 
Make fuel lines
Do a bit of pluming under the bonnet

The balk of the hard work is done really

I think £950 is fare, make me an offer and I might consider swaps.

Text or message me on here, my phones usually on silent so I likely wont pick up if you call 07413593439.

I'm near Crumlin / Glenavy.

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