100% Modified at RDS Arena

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With very little sleep and sore heads (the result of a combination of the clocks moving an hour forward and a brief trip into the Temple Bar after the cruise the previous evening), we attempted again to try and find directions to the RDS. With luck, we met a guy in his Sunny GTI-R who knew where to go, and we followed him to the best of the corolla’s ability!

After some inital confusion at the back of the RDS, we eventually got in, and parked up in the Shelbourne Hall, beside Mark and his red Ibiza, as well as being beside the cruiseirl team. We met ChrisNoMates with the silver MR2 who also parked near us, and broke out the polish for some major shining action.

Two hour long queues formed outside the RDS, and as the people flooded in we wondered if we ever would get into the burger van queue! There were some great attractions in the main hall – including a fleet of Ecosse Peugeots, JK Autospares and their stunning fast and the furious inspired Integra, Jakki and Jo Hicks, and of course John Semple and his R5 (which won the intermediate bodystyling on the day.)

Apart from the main hall, there were two other areas – one for private entrants, and the other for the <a href=”soundoffs.php?report=100_Percent_Modified,_31.03.02″>Sound Off</a>. It was good to see how the southern scene was coming on, with some <i>very</i> impressive machines (including a supercharged Corolla!)

For this being the first show of its kind, it was excellent, and showed the untapped potential for another such event. Bring on the next!

<b><u>100% Modified – Styling Results</u> </b>

</b>1st – Rakesh Bedi – Peugeot 206
2nd – Mark Rush – BMW
3rd – Robert O’brien (madmodding)

</b>1st – John Semple – R5 GT Turbo
2nd – Martin O’Mara – Subaru Impreza
3rd – Steven Smiley – Peugeot 206

</b>1st – Sean Dwyer – White Golf
2nd – Jean Paul Murphy – ’93 Civic


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