100% Modified at RDS Arena

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After two excellent events last year, how could I not attend the second year of 100% Modified Shows, this time back in the RDS Arena.

We were caught on our walk round by the huge inflow of public which had been queueing from the early hours – in a matter of minutes the RDS was packed. It is safe to say that the turnout was as good as last year if not much better, plus the fact that the show was spread over the weekend meant that the queueing problems from last year were avoided. Also, the general layout of the show was far improved – for example the RMS stand was well spread out on blue carpeting, with plenty of space for people to look around all the cars and not get in the way of others. We were lucky to have Davy’s yellow supercharged Twin Cam Corolla Coupe, white bomex-kitted Civic, Armo’s mint blue focus and Orla’s tidy ecosse 206 on the RMS stand.

Across from RMS was the Toyota Ireland stand featuring among other modified Toyotas, Chris Cole’s MR2. Also in the Shelbourne Hall were all the familiar faces of Jon44w, CruiseIrl, Ultamotiv and Performance Car Club. Sideways Buff’s Lotus Carlton was on show with its impressive new boot install and Junior let us hear the growl of a supercharged mk3 VR6 golf. Out into the main hall we met up with Justin and Darren from Modified Motors, where we marveled at the half page ad for RMS in the latest issue. I could barely get near the JK Autospares stand for the masses around DJ Danny Dee and the rest carrying about accessories including one guy who was carefully trying to avoid the crowds carrying a bumper! Gaz fell in love with some Ractive gauges at the Sleek Fx stand and it wasn’t long till the wallet came out. I however restrained myself from treating the corolla to some impulse buying accessory goodness. Flush Bus magazine had an impressive corner stand with Skyline and Supra on display, Ecosse had their latest ventures on show and the Max Power astra was dropped on the deck at the front door.

The main attraction of this show was without a doubt the Fast and the Furious Supra – it was plastered over all the promotional material for the show and rightly so. The quality of the workmanship on that car was second to none, and it looks every bit as impressive in real life as it does in the film. Unfortunately the front bumper was slightly damaged when the supra was brought off the container, but luckily this didn’t marr the excellent response from the crowd that it received throughout the show.

So now its 5.15 on the Sunday and we will soon be packing our bags and heading back to Belfast. The verdict – an excellent show, which for me really highlighted how much the standard of modified cars has improved in Ireland as a whole over the last year. There was not one car in the show I could have said did not deserve to be there, and it was great to see different bodykits, even more flip paint (now seemingly very popular) and new cars on the scene.

This show sets the standard on which the summer modified shows will be judged – the 100% modified franchise is a credit to Richie and Xtreme Promotions and I for one, will definitely be at the next!


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Andy is the founding member of RMS, and when he's not following motoring events around the UK and Ireland he can be found on the track (sideways, having competed in top level drifting for a decade), or of course he'll be on the forum.

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