2 Fast 2 Furious Preview at Moviehouse Yorkgate

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Yorkgate Cinema, Thursday 12th June – just over a week before the UK release of 2Fast 2Furious, a select number of RMS members were treated to a sneak preview of the new film.

The idea of a group screening had come about after a suggestion from site member CarbonKa. A few swift phone calls, some persuasive tactics (and possibly blackmail), and he had convinced the Yorkgate management that a gathering of modified cars outside their cinema was a good idea. Interest in the idea quickly gathered and before too long, approximately 60 members had signed on to attend the screening. As a bonus, the management had exclusively promised RMS that entry would be free.

Myself, Bronk, Bob and Scrob arrived at the cinema around 6:45 and were quickly joined by site members Jstuntman in his blue Subaru, and Cosbine in his white Sierra Cosworth. Others quickly joined us and we made our way to the front of the cinema where some brief congestion was encountered. Shoppers and passers-by appeared both bewildered and amused by the sounds and sights emanating from the large group of modified cars that had gathered at the front door. Without much further ado, two cars were manoeuvred into showcase positions at the front door – CoupeV6’s tidy Hyundai Coupe, and Matt Jenkins’ Celica GT4, and heads were counted as more RMS members appeared.

Everyone had arrived and it was soon time to move into the cinema itelf, with most people stopping for the obligatory popcorn purchase. Everyone seemed to be looking forward to the film, which had already opened in the states to good reviews. Set a year or two after the first movie, the sequel continues the trend of neon-lit, highly-tuned and graphic-emblazoned cars street racing. This film seemed to offer more variety, with a wider scope of Japanese cars and some traditional American muscle also included. This time there seemed to be less emphasis on the ¼ mile racing and more on out and out stunt driving, with some notable sequences – the opening scene with Paul Walker’s modified Nissan Skyline, the freeway chase between the modified Japanese cars and the American machines, and the climatic cop chase round the streets of Miami. The film seemed to go down very well with the experienced RMS street racers in attendance, most people giving it the thumbs-up. Like the first film, what it lacked in technical accuracy it made up for in terms of sheer entertainment value and driving stuntwork – not to mention the odd scantily clad female. Not that the male members of RMS would be sexist…

After the movie ended, most of the attendees briefly moved into the Tescos carpark, before heading onto Lisburn for some post-film fun. All in all, the night went without a hitch, and save for the odd incident of attempted Valve-cap theft, the early worries about anything happening to the cars were unfounded. 

Thanks must be made to the following people who helped ensure that the event was a success: CarbonKa, Andy Cooper, Yorkgate Cinema Management, UIP, Yorkgate Security. Hopefully we can stage a repeat of this type of event for any future car flicks that the site members would like to see.


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