4Play at Odyssey Arena

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Returning to the Odyssey Arena for a second time in two years, 4Play promised to be Ireland’s biggest and most exclusive show.  Several heats had been held to select show cars throughout the past few months and the event had been highly anticipated. 

RMS of course had a stand with Andy Kerr’s Fiesta, Peter Wilson’s Hyundai Coupé and DJ Danny Dee spinning up some beats in the corner behind his S15 Nissan Sylvia.  An impressive stand, yes, but it really did pale in comparison to Carisma and Jamie Shaw’s TVR <em>and</em> Renault 5 Turbo.  The AutoTrader were also flogging copies of their new Modified car mag, <em>Maxed Car.

</em>Other cars of not included Ally Mac’s stunning flip painted Megane, Chris Arthur’s mad looking "Green Goblin" Corsa and the <em>Max Power</em> wide arch Astra.


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