4Play Belfast at Yorkgate

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The first heat to decide which cars would be in Ireland’s top 100 began today outside an Iceland store in Belfast. The turnout for the event was poor, with only 30 or so cars there for judging.

I arrived to see a dodgily placed reallymeansounds sticker on the back of a dirty green Astra – owned by none other than Mark Duffy, one of the ICE icons of this country! Pablo and Mr Cool were there to show me their latest installs, and disappeared off with the SPL meter…

The <a href=”//www.sim-ni.com” target=”_blank”>Sound In Motion</a> team were out in force, sorting out the day’s proceedings, and I had the privilege of following around judges Paul Houston and Colin Greer for part of the day. They formed one of the two judging teams, and explained that only after completion of all the heats would the top 50 cars be named (as this would be based on the number of points gained on the day at each of the four venues).

Attractions of the day included a yellow megane with 75bhp nitrous jets, a Max Power featured saxo, madmodding’s corsa (with new rims), and <a href=”//www.jon44w.com” target=”_blank”>John Semple’s R5 GT-Turbo</a>. A special mention goes out to Sammy Kerr for introducing me to the excellent Video CD collection in the Jazi Acoustics astra!

After copious amounts of KFC were consumed, the judging was over – and it was off to Cookstown for a cruise.


</b>Citroen Saxo – M. Ferguson – 78.0
Renault Megane – Jonathan Ridell – 74
Peugeot 206 – Rakesh Bedi – 71
Renault 5 Turbo – John Semple 70
Honda Civic – Patrick Herald – 69
Vauxhall Astra – Adrian Johnston – 69
Vauxhall Corsa – Robert O Brien – 67
Peugeot 106 – Chris Thompson – 64
Toyota Starlet – Wesley ? – 64
Renault Clio – Michael Dempster – 60
VW Golf GTTDi – Dean Anderson – 59
Vauxhall Astra – Garfield Dilly – 57
Vauxhall Corsa – Marcus Plowman – 54
Renault Clio – Adam Campbell – 52
Citroen Saxo – Gary Moon – 52
Celica GT4 – Robert Hogg – 49
Renault Megane – Paul Fleming – 47
Audi A3 – Adrian Mc Caw – 45
Ford Fiesta – David Graham – 41
Renault Megane – Alan McMaster – 40
Honda Civic – Michael McCabe – 37
PT Cruiser – Gaetano Lo Lacono – 36
Renault Clio – James Mcllvenny – 35


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