4Play Wildcard Heat at Sound In Motion Shop

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The 4play wildcard heat was basically the last chance for anyone who wanted to enter for the upcoming Odyssey Show. As last year, it was held in the grounds of <a href=”//www.sim-ni.com” target=”_blank”>Sound In Motion</a> and a large turnout was expected after poor attendances at the other heats. Where people waiting to the last moment to get their cars finised for the show and turn up at the last minute. Only time would tell.

Robert and I turned up in the Corolla, after a nasty drive up in dull, dreary and rainy weather. On arrival we were invited into the back of the SIM shop for endless rounds of tea and toast, along with a yarn and bit of craic with Paul, Shane and Gary. We then joined up with Shane and Gary to help judge the cars. Each car was judged on cleanliness and quality of interior and exterior mods, engine bay, ice and general appearance with a ranking of 1-5 for each.

Cars we judged at the heat:

– 4dr EG blue civic with smoothed rear handles and bodykit
– Red Ford Fiesta Mark 2 with XR3i lump
– Wide Arch EK Civic in Yellow
– Black Corsa B on Dares
– Corsabass’s Flip Painted Corsa C on hydraulics
– Silver Rover 200 with full Audio Advice ICE install

It was a dissapointing turnout to say the least, especially considering it was the last chance for people to enter their cars for the show. The weather didn’t help any, and hopes were generally dashed for the Odyssey event. Only a week to go – time will tell!
Thanks to Paul, Shane and Gary at SIM (<a href=”//www.sim-ni.com” target=”_blank”>www.sim-ni.com</a>) for inviting us along.</em>


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