500 MRCI June Race Meeting at Kirkistown Race Circuit

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Open FF1600: 1 Ivor McCullough (Van Diemen RF00) 21 laps in 21m 44.91s (87.60mph); 2 Adrian Pollock (Van Diemen DP08) + 11.75s; 3 Jonny McMullan (Mondiale M89S); 4 Emmett Glynn (Ray GR07); 5 John Stewart (Reynard FF84); 6 Henry Campbell (Reynard FF83); 7 David Nicholl (Reynard FF89); 8 John Ferguson (GR07).FL: McCullough 1m 01.44s (88.59mph); PP: McCullough 1m 01.28s (88.82mph). S: 10.

Pre 90 FF1600: 1 Jonny McMullan (Mondiale M89S) 10 laps in 10m 34.40s (85.80mph); 2 Neville Anderson (Mondiale M89S) + 15.74s; 3 James Hagan (Reynard FF84); 4 Henry Campbell (Reynard FF83); 5 David Nicholl (Reynard FF89); 6 Brendan Duggan (Van Diemen RF84); 7 John Stewart (Reynard FF84); 8 Ryan Templeton (Crossle 32F); 9 Graeme Jennings (Crossle 32F); 10 David Black (Crossle 32F). FL: McMullan 1m 02.31s (87.40mph). PP: McMullan 1m 02.16s (87.57mph). S: 10.

Formula Libre: race 1: 1 Ken Fildes (Ralt RT4) 15 laps in 14m 09.00s (96.17mph); 2 Stephen Daly (Tatus Renault) + 05.21s; 3 Eugene Heary sen (Reynard AGP); 4 John Daly (Lola Holden); 5 Jim Larkham (Radical PR06); 6 Gary Graham (Van Diemen). FL: Heary sen 54.81s (99.30mph).PP: Eamon Matheson (E5 Suzuki).S: 9. race 2: 1 Fildes 12 laps in 11m 10.11s (97.47mph); 2 Heary snr + 01.37s; 3 Stephen Daly; 4 John Daly; 5 Larkham; 6 Fergus Faherty (Tatus Renault); 7 Graham. FL: Heary snr 54.28s (100.28mph).PP: Fildes 55.57s (97.94mph). S:7.

Roadsports: race 1: 1 Jim Hutchinson (Westfield GM) 16 laps in 16m 24.88s (88.43mph); 2 Stephen Donnelly (Locost Honda) +21.44s; 3 John Benson (Sylva Fury); 4 John McCandless (Ginetta G4); 5 Ryan Magennis (GMS); 6 Laurence Mawhinney (Westfield Honda); 7 Jimmy Dougan (Locost Suzuki); 8 Davis Buick (Indy Honda); 9 Alan Davidson (GMS); 10 Johnny Armstrong (Westfield Honda). FL: Hutchinson 58.62s 92.86mph) new class record. PP: Hutchinson 58.88s (92.45mph).class winners: Hutchinson;Magennis.S: 13. race 2: 1Hutchinson 16 laps in 16m 28.69s (88.08mph); 2 Benson +45.56s; 3 McCandless; 4 Davidson; 5 Magennis; 6 Iain Leinster (Westfield Honda); 7 Dougan; 8 Mawhinney; 9 Gary Jones (Westfield Honda). FL: Hutchinson 1m 00.32s (90.24mph).PP: Hutchinson 58.99s (92.26mph). class winners: Hutchinson; Davidson.S: 11.

GTs: 1 David Beatty (Porsche 911) 15 laps in 16m 31.54s (82.34mph). FL: Beatty 1m 03.99s (85.05mph). PP: Beatty 1m 06.04s (82.40mph).S: 1.

Saloons: 1 Ralph Jess (BMW M3) 15 laps in 16m 34.30s (82.11mph); 2 David Morrison (BMW M3) +0.57s; 3 Stephen Traub (Honda Integra); 4 Peter Carvill (Seat Cupra); 5 Wesley Lyle (Ford Escort Cosworth); 6 Donal ONeill (Seat Cupra); 7 Richard Ryan (BMW); 8 Robert Patton (Honda Integra).FL: Morrison 1m 04.86s (83.92mph). PP: Jess 1m 05.19s (83.49mph).S: 10.

Kart results: Superkart 250. race 1: 1 Liam Fox 8 laps in 07m 52.68s (93.00mph); 2 Jonny Wilkinson; 3 Stephen McAdam; 4 Stephen Foster; 5 Alan Witherow; 6 Des Black; 7 Robin Hamill; 8 Mark Montgomery; 9 Richard Dewart; 10 Scott Greenaway. FL: Fox 58.38s. race 2: 1 Fox 8 laps in 07m 47.81s (93.97mph); 2 Dewart; 3 McAdam; 4 Witherow; 5 Foster; 6 Black; 7 Montgomery; 8 Adam Foster; 9 Greenaway; 10 Hamill.FL: Fox 57.61s.

Superkart 125. race 1: James Irvine 8 laps in 08m 35.86s; 2 Noel Lindsay; 3 Geoffrey Simms; 4 Philip Mills; 5 Cliffy Hamilton.FL: Irvine 01m 03.34s. race 2: 1 Irvine 8 laps in 08m 29.26s; 2 Lindsay; 3 Mills; 4 Simms.FL: Irvine 01m 02.55s.


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