500MRCI Race Meeting at Kirkistown

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Scottish Classics paid their first visit to Kirkistown and Andy Smith dominated with his Morgan, two race wins, two pole positions and two fastest laps while in Kirkistown Saloons it was Gerard McVeigh yet again on the top spot of the podium.

James Turkington continued his winning form in Ford Fiestas and for good measure set a new class lap record as did Alan Watkins in Strykers, he too had double wins.

Mike Jonston with his Opel Tigra won in Roadsports and GTs and Colin Reid took his Reis Aero to victory in the opening Roadsports race.

Other race winners were Gary Miller (Fiat Abarths), James Hanna (Mazda MX5) and in superkarts, the victors were Liam Fox, James Irvine and C Foster.

Scottish Classics. race 1. 1 Andy Smith (Morgan +8) 15 laps in 17m 08.92s (79.35mph); 2 Robert Marshall (Ford Escort) + 2.17s; 3 Stan Bernard (Porsche 911); 4 Keiron Baillie (Ford Escort); 5 Tim Reid (Marcos GT); 6 Jimmy Grant (Lotus Elan); 7 Alex Montgomery (MGB GTV8); 8 Donald Laird (Lotus Elan); 9 Jimmy Crow (Ford Escort); 10 Nic Boyes (BL Mini). FL: Smith 1m 06.26s (82.15mph). PP: Smith 1m 06.17s (82.5mph). S: 14.race 2. 1 Smith 15 laps in 17m 05.85s (79.59mph); 2 Marshall +1.25s; 3 Raymond Boyd (Porsche 911); 4 Bernard; 5 Baillie; 6 Reid; 7 Crow; 8 Grant; 9 Montgomery; 10 Mike Connon (Lotus 7). FL: Smith 1m 07.06s (81.17mph). PP: 1m 06.17s (82.25mph). S: 14.

Roadsports race 1. 1 Colin Reid (Reis Aero) 16 laps in 17m 06.50s (84.84mph); 2 Ryan Magennis (GMS Honda) + 29.18s; 3 Graham Moore (Westfield Honda); 4 Johnny Armstrong (Westfield Honda); 5 Alan Davidson (GMS Honda).FL: Reid 1m 02.44s (87.18mph). PP: Reid 1m 01.15s (89.01mph).CW: Reid; Magennis S: 9. race 2. 1 Mike Johnston (Opel Tigra) 16 laps in 16m 39.03s (87.17mph); Reid +3.07s; 3 Davidson; 4 Magennis; 5 Moore. FL: Johnston 1m 00.62s (89.79mph).CW: Johnston; Reid; Davidson. S: 7.

Strykers. race 1. 1 Alan Watkins 15 laps in 17m 07.56s (79.46mph); 2 Stephen Ross +20.13s; 3 Brian Kingston; 4 Andrew DAlton; 5 Bill Griffin; 6 Mark Baker; 7 Greg Kelly; 8 Pat Bergin. FL: Watkins 1m 06.25s (82.16mph). PP: Watkins 1m 05.03s (83.03mph). S: 13. race 2. 1 Watkins 15 laps in 16m 55.74s (80.38mph); 2 Paul Yeomans + 20.09s; 3 Ross; 4 Griffin; 5 Kingston; 6 Kelly; 7 Roger Welaratne; 8 Bergin. FL: Watkins 1m 00.62s (89.79mph) record. PP: Watkins 1m 05.62s (82.95mph). S: 12.

Saloons 1 Gerard McVeigh (Mitsubishi) 16 laps in 17m 29.56s (82.98mph); 2 Ralph Jess (BMW M3) + 4.25s; 3 Greer Wray (Vauxhall Vectra); 4 Stephen Traub (Honda Integra); 5 Tony Traub; (Honda Integra); 6 Donal ONeill (Vauxhall Vectra); 7 Aiden Vance (Honda Integra); 8 Gary Miller (Fiat Abarth); 9 Andrew Armstrong (Honda Civic); 10 Trevor Kinsella (Fiat Abarth). FL: McVeigh 1m 03.67s (85.49mph). PP: McVeigh 1m 03.36s (85.91mph). S: 11.

GTs 1 Mike Johnston (Opel Tigra) 16 laps in 17m 01.55s (85.25mph); 2 David Beattie (Ginetta G50) + 3.89s; 3 Richie OMahoney (Supercar). FL: Johnston 1m 00.40s (90.12mph) record. PP: Johnston 1m 00.03s (90.67mph). S: 3

Fiat Punto Abarth. 1 Gary Miller 10 laps in 11m 59.90s (75.61mph); 2 Trevor Kinsella + 11.65s. FL: Miller 1m 10.80s (76.88mph). PP: Miller no time given. S: 2

Fiestas/Mazdas 1 James Hanna (Mazda MX5) 10 laps in 12m 58.06s (69.96mph); 2 James Turkington (Fiesta) + 16.50s; 3 Andy McShane (Fiesta); 4 Andrew McCullough (Fiesta); 5 Andrew Blair (Fiesta); 6 Alister Robinson (Fiesta); 7 Glenn Campbell (Fiesta); 8 Roy Smyth (Fiesta); 9 James Graham (Fiesta). FL: Hanna 1m 16.62s (71.04mph). PP: Hanna 1m 16.67s (70.99mph).CW; Hanna; Turkington 1m 17.23s (70.48mph) record. S: 9.

Superkart 125 race 1. 1 James Irvine 10 laps in 10m 38.00s (86.13mph); 2 Noel Lindsay; 3 M.McGaffin; 4 Philip Mills; 5 Cliffy Hamilton; 6 Brian Jones. FL: Irvine 1m 02.62s. S: 6. race 2 1 Irvine 8 laps in 8m 25.84s (86.91mph); 2 Lindsay; 3 Hamilton; 4 McGaffin; 5 Mills; 6 Jones. FL: Irvine 1m 02.48s. S: 6.

Superkart 250 National race 1. 1 C Foster 10 laps in 10m 19.50s (88.70mph); 2 Jonathan Adams; 3 Des Black. FL: Foster 1m 00.85s. S: 4. race 2. 1 Foster 8 laps in 8m 16.35s (88.57mph); 2 Adams; 3 Scott Greenaway. FL: Foster 1m 01.22s. S: 3.

Superkart 250 Division 1 race 1 Liam Fox 10 laps in 9m 45.68s (93.82mph); 2 Matt Campbell; 3 Alan Witherow; 4 Robin Hamill. FL: Fox 57.11s. S: 6. race 2 1 Fox 8 laps in 7m 39.25s (95.72mph); 2 Campbell; 3 Richard Dewart; 4 Jonny Wilkinson; 5 Witherow; 6 Hamill. FL: Fox 56.78mph. S: 7.


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