Art n’ Motion Cruise at Northern Sounds

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After a fair amount of hype beforehand, we decided to head up Northwest to Letterkenny on Saturday night for the Art n’ Motion cruise event. We arrived at the Venue (Northern Sounds ICE shop) shortly after the official starting time of 8pm and there was already a good turnout. Scores of cars lined the road leading up to the industrial area where Northern Sounds was based, and as we paid our entry fee and pulled into the grounds we could see that there was an even bigger crowd inside.

There was already some doughnut action going on in the bottom area of the venue, with some industrial ground earmarked for diffing action. A large crowd had gathered and were cheering on a couple of guys in Cams who were giving it their all. The action here continued all night and later included a few BMW M3s, Escorts, an Evo 7, a Sierra and more. The diffing was marred slightly by one collision with a spectator but to the best of our knowledge, he wasn’t badly hurt and the action was able to continue without incident.

The show also included a number of modified cars on display for the public to have a look around. A few of the regulars were parked up there, including RMS Tasha’s Focus, the GSi Vectra, Carnoisseur’s bodykitted Prelude, Scrobs magazine-featured Seat Ibiza, and more. It was good to see a few guys from down South too, including one regular with a bodykitted Civic. The cars were of a good quality, but our only gripe was that the lighting in that area was poor and it was difficult to get a good look round all the cars as the night wore on.

There was the usual assortment of ICE on display too, with the bass pumping loudly all night from various corners. Some of the boot builds were certainly show quality and the beats kept the atmosphere buzzing.

Gardai presence was kept to a minimum, thanks to an arrangement they had made earlier with the organisers. Luckily their presence was not required anyway as the guests at the event were well-behaved. We left about midnight but heard in later reports that the action had carried on well into the wee hours.

All in all, a well-organised and well planned charity event which passed off successfully. The great turnout ensured that almost 5200 Euro was raised for the Donegal Hospice. It would be encouraging to see more events like this which show that legal events can still be fun and go towards a good cause.


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