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The day started off early at 5am on the Friday, where I and five mates, headed to the airport to catch the flight to Birmingham, we were also quite nervous, as we had to catch two flights that day, being Friday 13th!

We arrived at about 8:30 with a host of motor sport enthusiasts, such as the ford motor sport team, and us representing DGM (David Greer Motor sport). We could tell before the event opened, that there would be plenty off talent as there were hoards of scantily clad women sitting about, which would make the event even more enjoyable.

Once in, we had a quick tour round, and the first thing that caught our eye was the Formula one stand, with formula one car from past and present, including Alonso’s 2005 car and Nelsons Piquet’s Jordan.

There was also a classic car auction, with the likes of a race prepared Jaguar XJ220 which we drooled over for a good 10 minutes, a Ferrari 328, Mustang’s, and a few Bentley convertibles thrown in for good measure.

The new Maybach Exelero had quite a large stand at the show with a revolving stand showing off the new creation, and impressive spec’s measuring 5.89 metres long, 700 BHP and 2.7 tonnes.

There were alot of Motor sport specialist companies at hand selling anything from driveshafts to impressive replica rally models which i found myself wasting a fair bit of money on i have to admit.

One high point of the show, was when a few girls from the kumho stand agreed to a picture opportunity, with me in the middle, and I also ran into a few celebs, such as the lead singer of faithless and good old Murray Walker.

We spent alot of time just gazing at the exotic car stand, with Ferrari Enzos, Bentley Continentals an M6, an Ascari and a Ford GT40 which seemed to be the most popular stand.

A live show was held at the back of the show, playing host to Ferrari 360 Modena’s racing around doing a pit-in demonstration, Motocross bikes doing stunts over jumps and 4×4 Range rovers and Bowler’s racing on a extreme terrain course and finally some insane man achieving a new world record for getting four cars doing donuts at once, on his own! which was very impressive and well worth the £7 in.

The day ended with us retiring to the bar for a few, and then heading home. But I would definitely consider going next year, as it was just over £100 for the day regarding tickets to the show and the flights, and would recommend it to any motor sport enthusiast.


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