Ballymena Car Fest 2015

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The Ballymena Car Fest is one event I have never made it to. However I’d seen Artoir’s post in the events section, checked out the website and realised I had one day before entries closed. Time to dust off the more-door M3!

The morning of the 13th arrived and it was time to meet up with everyone at Dunsilly roundabout, and convoy down from there.

Pulling in to the car park I was greeted with quite a few RMS cars, all familiar from reading the Members Rides section.

Quite a few other clubs were meeting up there too, a variety of Impreza’s, VW’s and a Supra were waiting to convoy down.

As we filtered in to the playing fields we were directed to the RMS club stand area. After parking up we all had a chat and filtered off to do some final cleaning and preparation.

The rain stayed away all day and most of us went home ready to find some aftersun.

I found the whole event very well organised and well controlled. I was very impressed with the standard of cars there, everything was superbly clean and well presented. There was a wide variety of cars there, something for everyone!

It was great to finally meet people from RMS that I’d been chatting to for years.

Roll on next year as I will definitely be there.  Thanks to Artoir for organising the stand too!


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Neil is an IT professional. When he is not telling people to restart computers, he is commonly found in his garage attempting to restore the more-door M3!

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Crow555 replied at 10:19, Mon 15 Jun, 2015
For £6, it was a decent day. A good mix of cars there, even those that needed 2x4s to get into the field. :P The car I loved was @[email protected]'s P1, I absolutely love those. Also the first time I got to see @Gemma's DY M3 in the metal, I said to @wee_neiler how good the paintwork was, very impressive car. Also thank's to @Gemma's mum for putting up with my mate Gareth's persistent questioning about her Fairlady Z. :) I'm sure I'm not alone but christ, that boxcar chap playing the same song all afternoon did my tits.
Arfur replied at 10:22, Mon 15 Jun, 2015
Not sure if anyone mentioned it in the last thread but a highlight of the day for me was when someone unplugged the PA system when the whinging singer was on, they got a round of applause.. I laughed my a$$ off:)
Crow555 replied at 10:25, Mon 15 Jun, 2015
I wondered what happened there, lol. Someone is owed a pint if that's the case.
Lyons replied at 10:26, Mon 15 Jun, 2015
Looks like a good show. What was said song Boxcar was singing? Give Me Forty Acres or Highline 143?
Crow555 replied at 10:34, Mon 15 Jun, 2015
Not a clue, they all sounded the same to me. I'm not a fan of country music.
Cess replied at 10:44, Mon 15 Jun, 2015
@106lad relaibly informed me it was Scania 143 @Lyons. Also, there were 5 of those limited edition Scanias on display. I'll get a few of my pictures up later as I've some of the tractors and so on. I've no trucks though :( Massive show, with everything from proper vintage cars that were in black and white, static engines, motorbike stunt riders, right through to the Pistonheads spec M4. Everyone involved deserves great praise and the money goes to a great cause (Y)
Lyons replied at 10:49, Mon 15 Jun, 2015
| @106lad relaibly informed me it was Scania 143 @Lyons.
Gemma replied at 10:58, Mon 15 Jun, 2015
@Crow555..... @Carrie B is only to happy to talk to anyone about 350z s lol she's on her forum more than im on rms lol @Arfur we were standing with the guys from celica Ireland and two of them ran off to cut the line to the speakers and as they got there...there was two boys already there doin the same thing!! Hahha
Neil_M replied at 12:37, Mon 15 Jun, 2015
Lets go bigger and better next year @Artoir . You had some good ideas at the end of the day :).
dubimage replied at 18:40, Mon 15 Jun, 2015
It was a great day, really enjoyed it. Here's a few shots I got of your guys stand.. the rest will be on my blog that will be live soon _DSC0093 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr _DSC0094 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr _DSC0243 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr