Bangor Cruise at Bangor Carpark

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At the end of a week of stunning weather, no-one could justify staying in on a hot sunny evening. That meant a traditional Sunday night run to Bangor, myself meeting with the <i>Garage2,</i> posse of Evo/GT4/GTO/Impreza for the journey down in the Corolla.

Once we arrived we discovered the top carpark to be packed, not only due to the weather, but due to the fact that there was security at the gates of the bottom carpark turning away the cruisers. There was also an elevated police presence throughout the night as the bike patrols passed through regularly and the patrol cars lurked on the far side of the road. Nothing for them to worry about though (apart from a small two car shunt on the main road) as everyone was peaceful (as usual) in the top carpark.

Just out of the JK Autospares bodyshop was a green CRX Del-Sol with carbon fibre wing and bonnet which I spotted on my rounds. All the usual bangorcruise faces were present, Suitor was sporting a new spoiler on the Smart, and MiniMad was cruising around in his new Smart Car. [Has a terrible force taken over these people!] The Killer Engineering Escort Cossie was showing off its flamer kit (see photo to believe it) spouting three feet of flame from the exhaust. After the usual chat and craic, it wasn’t long till the sun dissappeared and it was time to head home.


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