Bangor Cruise at Bangor Carparks

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Bangor really hasn’t taken off this summer like it did last year (2002), the first few Sunday nights in June being relatively quiet. A good excuse to have a joint photo shoot with Bangorcruise and try to pack out the car parks and make a good night of it.

After spending the whole afternoon polishing the Corolla I decided not to drive, and she was tucked up in the garage before jumping into Robert’s recently purchased CRX Vtec. After meeting Gaz in Belfast we convoyed down the carriageway pursued by a carload of spides in a nova saloon!

On arrival it was easy to see that people had made the effort to turn out – the Bangorcruise squad huddling around Ollie’s stunning black ‘rex; Mark Luney was just joining the Performance Car Club guys in his Ronin-esque Audi S8; Killer Engineering made an appearance with M3 and cossie and of course the SQD smart car could not go without mention. Graham (Ka Klub) was the first over, begging me to get the photos over and done with so he could go home (very presumptuous that I wanted pics of the Ka). Marc (Megane Coupe) and Debz (strathychick) kept me informed of who was where as the place filled with local cruisers and site regulars. Even cruise virgin Pablo made it down in his Rover 420 Turbo who had met up with Messie.

Jamie (J16 JRF) was on form as he rolled in in his remarkable Ibiza GTi complete with smirk for the camera. Wing Commander wouldn’t shut up about the fact that his alloys were in the 2Fast 2Furious movie, and Chris Suitor was showing off SQD’s latest from the boot of the smart. J Stuntman later appeared in his Scoob and after taxiing a few RMS members about I think they needed sick bags! Gaz and I went over for a yarn with the PCC boys who seemed suitably impressed with some vids from last weeks cruise in Lurgan screened on the laptop.

The Garage2 team were out in force in Castrol GT4, GTO, Evo 4 and Impreza and just as I set my camera down from photographing them, a guy in a brand new STi diffed around a tree! The car of the cruise though, in my opinion was definitely the purple mk4 golf on 19s. Ridiculously low, smooth and very ‘fat’ looking with its lexus style clusters suiting the look. New and neat. I’d no idea what was under the bonnet (ok, probably an engine, but who knows.)

It wasn’t long before the skies darkened and not long after 11pm we hit the road again. A good turnout (more a cruise rather than a photoshoot though), good craic, but an early night nonetheless.


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