Bangor Elim Car and Bike Show at Elim Church Balloo

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As we push further on into the Summer season, local outdoor car shows are once again making a resurgence. These generally fall into two types of show; the type which caters to younger males (dance music everywhere, semi-nude promotion girls, cars being destroyed by Colin McRae wannabees) and the other type which promises a less hectic, more enjoyable day out for people of all ages with an interest in motoring. 

Its fair to say that the Bangor Elim show fell into the latter category. I arrived around 10am at the Bangor Elim Complex where the show was being held and immediately got parked up and signed on. Within an hour or so, most of the exhibitors had arrived and got organised, and there was already a number of spectators making their way around the event. Although there were a few tastefully modified cars there, the majority of the cars on show were classic and/or unique – from vintage Jaguars right through to more modern examples such as an American Corvette on show. There was also a mint e30 <a href=”//”>BMW M3</a>, a <a href=”//”>Mustang</a>, a classic Mk1 <a href=”//”>VW Golf</a> and a monster truck-inspired Pickup – to name but a few! This made a welcome refreshment from seeing the usual cars which do the rounds at the modified shows. Seamy had organised a number of cars for the PCC section which included myself with the BMW <a href=”//”><font color=”#003366″><strong>850</strong></font></a>, Mook with his <a href=”//”><strong><font color=”#003366″>Cavalier Turbo</font></strong></a> 4×4, Delta with his modified <a href=”//”><font color=”#003366″><strong>Escort</strong></font></a> and Keith Robinson with his mint <a href=”//”><strong><font color=”#003366″>Nova</font></strong></a>. Seamy himself had also brought along his concours Escort RST and his equally clean Accord Type R. 

There was something for everyone at the show, and a large section of the indoor arena was taken up by an impressive assembly of <a href=”//”>motorbikes</a> of all types and ages. Judging from the number of leather-clad bikers walking around, this section of the show generated a huge amount of interest. The interior of the complex also housed a number of stands, a fashion show and more. Outdoors, we had live music keeping people entertained, but one of the main attractions was the <a href=”//”><strong><font color=”#003366″>TrialStar Riders</font></strong></a>. These young guys were amazing to watch, performing numerous jumps and leaps high into the air on their bikes. Later on we also had an impressive display from one of the older riders who was performing a live commentary while he negotiated his bike over a number of obstacles. 

All in all, the day was a very enjoyable one with a great atmosphere. It was good to see for once that exhibitors were not being charged for showing their cars; on the contrary, the excellent crowd response and free lunch made it a pleasure to be part of the show. Three of the cars on the <a href=”//″>PCC</a> stand also took home a prize which made the day even more worthwhile. Roll on next year!


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