Club GTi Track Day at Kirkistown Race Circuit

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Well what a day this was from start to end, weather was unbelieveable and the line up of cars was excellent with very few VW’s it has to be said. Good few evo’s with Mike Curran out on a rare drive in his road car which i am sure is a fair bit different to his GrpN motor but he drover her as hard. Lot of kit cars out as usual terrorising everyone else on track but i think they got a shock when track day performance arrived in a rather rapid skyline with a flame kit able to scorch the rear bumper while driving rather hard. Good few V-Tecs out screaming like mad especially bunter in his mint wee civic. One lucky man in a evo was Phil_D off the site after a huge off at debtors at well over 120mph i’d say onto the grass and some how managed not to wreck the car, but he got over it to come out after a short while driving liek amad man again.

At lunch break the famous quarter mile was run with everyone joining in the fun including a few rather special cars like ECC scooby which i’d say wiped the floor overall and then a close contender was airforce1’s father in his rapid Mitsi GTO, and a majorly talked about car recently is the turbo type R which just couldn’t get grip at all and it went really well but wasn’t as fast up the strip as i’d hoped (real lack of traction in all gears didn’t help) good few dervs on the strip also smoking away and spinning up for the craic! Also unveilled after year and a half rebuilding was Davy Hollingers carbon fibre twin cam, i seen thios car mid build and i have to say he has done well and attention to detail is super with the bonnet, wings, doors, skirts, bootlid all carbon fibre and a bit more tuning under the hood to the supercharged engine and cheers mate for the run out.

G Logan was yet again performing heroics in the mk2 escort but due to a ball joint breaking he was out for the rest of the day sadly but i’m sure he’ll be back in the new year for more banter. I’m sure i have missed a good bit out but thanks to Club GTi for the quality they have provided and i have such a huge amount of pictures as i think it’s the last one for the year so enjoy and well done to them!

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