Cool Nights at National Show Centre

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After waiting in the cold for what seem an eternity we were finally let into Cool Nights ’05, to be greeted by some of Irelands best modified cars. On show also was 2Fast 2Furious’ S2000, which was placed on one corner (by a lot of guys pulling it across the floor with straps through the rear wheels, “the owners forgot the steering wheel”)

The idea of the show was great with multi coloured lights lighting up the cars and neon glow everywhere you looked. Cars from the north included ECC’s Evo & Subaru, which was Irelands slowest car from the toll bridge apparently, with rumours going round that a new gear box required- ECC assured us it was only a selector that was needed. Other cars included the Hollinger Brothers Corolla Twincams parked beside each other, old school all the way.

Overall a good show with a massive turnout, seemed well organised if a little cramped in places, but a credit to Flush Bus.


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