Cruise Control at Bangor Marina

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A gloomy Saturday morning saw an early start at 9am with the integra getting the quickest of washes and Steven (aka BBS_BOY) arriving down (scarily on time!) to head to Bangor for Cruise control. In typical northern Irish style the weather threatened to chuck it down at any moment on the way there.

The car park in Bangor was already filling up nicely with a good selection of cars and stands and the weather stunned us all and turned out superb. The RMS stand had a pleasant vtec-feel to it with the integra being joined by Paul_YDPs stunning kitted silver civic vti and Westys red vti with the engine bay gleaming. Hillbillys Pulsar gti-r look-alike (just kidding) was looking mean as ever and Stevens mint MkII golf gti finished the stand off nicely.

The quality of cars and bikes on display was of a high standard from the crazy-modified to the all-out performance. The PSNI were there promoting their road safety campaign and sporting some of their own hardware in the shape of an EVO VIII and R32 golf!  The fire brigade and ambulance service also made an appearance and demonstrated their expertise in a simulated live RTA rescue effort using cutting equipment and first-aid techniques. Other attractions included Sonya Mac doing a live on-air slot for the cool-fm roadshow and the EMMA sound-off.

All in all it was a long but superb day with young and old turning out to add to the atmosphere – Cruise control was a credit to the organisers from <a href=”//” target=”_blank”>BangorCruise</a> and North Down Borough Council and can only have helped improve the image of car enthusiasts in Northern Ireland. Most definitely the high-light of the day was the entry fee – Free.


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