D1GB Round 3 at Knockhill Race Track

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Knockhill was the venue for the third round of the D1GB Drift Championship, featuring the most challenging drift section experienced in the series so far. This proved a challenge to all the drivers and an absolute spectacle for the spectators. The weather was great too!

D1GB boldly used ‘Duffus Dip’ after the start line which basically ment that the competitors would be coming into a corner sideways practically blind, as it dissappears downhill out of the line of sight. The second corner was a right to left towards the bottom of the hill, with a 90 degree right finishing the run. All the top D1GB drivers linking the three corners that I’m sure were over I’m sure 4-500m long in total. Absolutely awesome.

Mulvey took the win in the end with some superb driving in his PS13 and Stiggy from team autoglym coming in second. Phil Morrison in the orange Driftworks S14a came 3rd with an outstanding battle against Mulvey at one point, being rerun 6 times to judge the winner. Mark Luney was knocked out by Mulvey in the top 8 in very close, high speed runs.

Also as part of the NRG organisers event programme, time attack was being run in between the sections of the drift competition. NI competitor John Curistan came 4th place in his ECC Subaru Impreza with the top spots being claimed by some very quick Escort Cossies.

There was a barrage of trade stands, car clubs of which the Mitsubishi Lancer Register had an especially impressive lineup, and other attractions including the Eurodrift series. I had brought my R33 Skyline over to compete and had a great time, coming in 6th on the Sunday’s finals on the track.

An absoultely cracking weekend was had by all. This was my first visit to Knockhill and I was blown away by the venue and the awesome track itself. I’ll definitely be back.


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