DeLorean 25th Anniversary at DeLorean Factory

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It was the 25th Anniversary of the De Lorean Motor Car being built at Dunmurry in 1981. 75+ cars turned up from 15 countries, including over 200 people. It was the largest collection of De Loreans over here since the factory closed in 1982.

The event (25th-28th May) included a reception at the Europa on Thursday night, followed by a ‘time-trial’ track set up in the Odyssey car park the following morning. Then we drove to Hillsborough castle, and then to the Lisburn Civic centre to see the memorabilia on display (including the plans for the twin turbo and four seater). We watched some never before seen footage of the man and the factory, then the vendors set up stalls. That night we had dinner in the city hall, hosted by the mayor.

Next day was the factory tour at Dunmurry, which allowed us to drive around the cleaned up test track (pic of my car on the bank attached). That night we had dinner in the Lisburn Civic centre.

The last day we drove up around the coast, seen Giants Causeway, Bushmills, usual stuff the Americans like to see.

The weather was fantastic the whole weekend, the people were extremely friendly and I cannot wait until the next one!


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