Donegal International Rally at Letterkenny

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Knockalla Camp Site was the base for us crowd at the weekend as it’s handy to most of the rally and so close to the Saturday stage which was in the mountain behind us. Friday seen the quiet start to the weekend spectator wise but the pace was set from the start ramp with the usual 3 Nesbitt, McGaritty, Donnelly on the pace with Lynch and McNulty going well along with McHale, Boland and Perez who came over from England in his wild looking VK sponsored Focus WRC. Throughout the weekend Lynch went out with Nesbitt crashing at high speed in front of us on the Saturday leaving Donnelly and McGaritty to fight it out to the end until McGaritty had supposed clutch problems dropping him down near 8th overall and on Sunday he drove hardest all day and flew back to 4th overall to pick up vital Championship points. With all this happening Donnelly brought the Corolla home in pole as McNulty kept his cool and brought the S10 into 2nd overall with McHale in the focus WRC finishing the podium spot. In GrpN Gary Jennings brought the Evo to a class win and an incredable and well deserved 9th overall after a good hard weekend driving against stiff compitition from Fank Wray, Cathal Rogers, <font face=”Arial Narrow”><font face=”Arial”>Seamus Leonard and Roy White but</font></font> in the end Grp N winner was Gary Jennings followed by Shaun Gallagher and then Aaron MacHale finished off the GrpN top3. 

So overall a really good weekend all in with great weather, great rallying and the best of craic and congratulations to "the genie" on his 2 in a row wins at Donegal, can he make it a hatrick next year?  

Pictutes of most competitors available by emailing myself – [email protected]

<strong>Overall Top 10</strong>
<font size=”1″><font color=”#0000ff”><font color=”#000000″>1 Eugene Donnelly/Paul Kiely (Toyota Corolla WRC) 02:25:08.5
2 Tim McNulty/Eugene O’Donnell (Subaru Impreza WRC) 02:25:50.3
3 Austin MacHale/Brian Murphy (Ford Focus WRC) 02:27:39.2
4 Derek McGarrity/Dermot O’Gorman (Subaru Impreza WRC) 02:30:13.4
5 Kevin Barrett/Barry Goodman (Subaru Impreza WRC) 02:32:46.6
6 Gareth Jones/Paul Goodman (Subaru Impreza WRC) 02:33:31.7
7 Steve Perez/Neil Dashfield (Ford Focus WRC) 02:35:59.7
8 Denis Biggerstaff/Sean Moriarty (Subaru Impreza WRC) 02:36:07.1
9 Garry Jennings/Rory Kennedy (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6) 02:36:32.2
10 Shaun Gallagher/Charlie McGinty (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6) 02:37:24.8</font> </font>

</font><font color=”#0000ff”><font size=”1″><font color=”#000000″>1 Ivan Stewart/Joe Friel (Ford Escort RS Cosworth) 02:37:27.9
2 Damien Gallagher/Mac Walsh (Ford Escort Mk II) 02:38:52.5
3 Camillus Bradley/Danny O’Neill (Ford Escort Mk II) 02:39:11.1
4 Robbie Peoples/Keith Stewart (Ford Escort Mk II) 02:39:56.1
5 Brian Brogan/Damien McGettigan (Ford Escort Mk II) 02:41:02.6</font> 

</font><font color=”#000000″ size=”1″><strong>Historic
</strong></font><font size=”1″><font color=”#000000″>1 Mervyn Johnston/Richard Hyland (Morris Mini Cooper S) 01:47:12.9
2 Niall Creighton/Gregory Roberts (Ford Lotus Cortina) 01:47:46.4
3 Alan Lemon/John Lemon (Wolsley Hornet) 01:48:15.3</font> 

</font><font size=”1″><font color=”#000000″><strong>Post Historic
</strong>1 John Farrell/Garath Connlley (Ford Escort Mk I) 01:44:35.6
2 Alan Jardine/Peter Conlon (Ford Escort Mk I) 01:45:31.8
3 Philip McDowell/Gordan Buckley (Ford Escort Mk I) 01:46:31.4</font> 

</font></font><font color=”#000000″><font size=”1″><strong>Junior</strong>
1 Simon McElhinney/Kelvin McElhinney (Honda Civic) 00:40:10.0
2 Martin O Donnell/Patrick McHugh (Honda Civic) 00:40:21.7
3 Michael Gellespie/Cathal Sharkey (Ford Escort) 00:41:02.9
4 Kevin Gallagher/Gavin Gallagher (Vauxhall Corsa) 00:41:08.6
5 John McHugh/Daniel Curran (Toyota Corolla) 00:41:09.6 

Results thanks to and check them out for more from the event</font></font>


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