Down Rally at Newcastle

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This rally was set to be the end of season ball sort of even with stages that havent been used in round the forests of the mournes for maybe 30 years, so thought it was necessary to check it out and see what it was to be like, especially after seeing the entry with a few WRC’s and a clatter of grpN cars with most of the rest mk2 escorts. Weather wise it was great but a tad nippy and after a few problems at the recce yesterday with snow and very slippy conditions it was great craic though the stages cut up badly and left it hard to drive on at parts. Full results when i get them and pictures available of cars that finished SS4 as i was at the end.

1. Sean Devine / Ciaran Kelly – 28m 55s
2. Neil McCance / Martin O’Neill – 29m 06s
3. Richard Cathcart / Marshal Clarke – 29m 17s
4. Raymond Mason / Peter Martin – 30m 31s
5. Andy Magee / Vincent Fergus – 30m 54s
6. John Walker / Dessie Wilson – 31m 12s
7. Mark Barnett / Jonathan Charlesson – 31m 20s
8. Eamon Mimnagh / John Johnston – 31m 24s
9. Stanley Ballantine / Andrew Gamble – 31m 33s
10. Seamus O’Connell / Sean Magee – 32m 00s


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