Dubshed Celebrates Tenth Show

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Running a show on this scale is a mammoth undertaking, and the fact it has been one of the largest car shows in Ireland for almost a decade is an astonishing achievement.  Dubshed 2019 was no exception.  Every year the event subtly improves and perfects the formula, with 2019 bringing an overall German theme whilst still holding VAG in it’s core.  That meant a smattering Mercs and BMWs among the Golfs and that was no bad thing, as the high standard of cars we expect from Dubshed still applied.

Dubshed opens up the show criteria, and results in entries like this jaw dropping BMW 2002

The main entrance hall housed the core VAG cars, and as usual the standard of entry was superb.  One thing I’ve always loved has been the classics with subtle heart transplants.  Case in point, the size of the turbo on this Mk2 Golf!

We have more to say on Dubshed 2019 but in the interim check out the photo gallery below:


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Todd replied at 11:06, Mon 01 Apr, 2019
Going to take a trip down to this on Saturday.
Mark315 replied at 11:17, Mon 01 Apr, 2019
Indoors at this also. Looking forward to it!
McFall1984 replied at 11:29, Mon 01 Apr, 2019
If I can get a Mot for the skyline I'll be there ?
DaddyC replied at 14:24, Mon 01 Apr, 2019
Are Anachem having a stand at it again this year @Big Pimp
Mark315 replied at 15:02, Mon 01 Apr, 2019
| Are Anachem having a stand at it again this year @Big Pimp
Chris tii replied at 15:09, Mon 01 Apr, 2019
I’ll be there inside with the 2002tii. Should be a good show. I think there’s going to be 20 cars at the NIBMW stand. So not all VAG stuff. The price is the norm for these sized events on the mainland. Though I thought it was a wee bit cheeky to charge the owners of the cars indoors the same price? Surely the cars are what people are paying to see? It was free to show the car at the NEC Birmingham Practical Classics show the other week, and we could get as many free tickets for friends and family, for all 3 days as we wanted.
jonny_w replied at 15:27, Mon 01 Apr, 2019
I was never at Dubshed until last year and I was helping on the Anachem stand. My verdict was it was one of the best shows in the country and worth the entrance fee, over the 2 days I was still having a nosey that I didn’t see the previous day. I am really looking forward to this year as there is going to be even more at it than last, along with the craic we have at the stand it’s a great weekend.
Ben replied at 15:30, Mon 01 Apr, 2019
I'll be there both days. Have the bike on show so will be about for a bit on the Saturday afternoon and Sunday late afternoon.
cauld1 replied at 15:41, Mon 01 Apr, 2019
Hopefully be there with the car, have pretty much got Friday to finish fitting the interior, cleaning it and making sure there's no gremlins. Have absolutely no issue with the entrance fee as someone showing their car. The rest of the big shows of this type are the same. For Players Classic at Goodwood I think I paid 40 quid for my ticket, more than happy to pay it as it's a bloody good event. Dubshed is head and shoulders above similar events in NI, and now that it's not just for German cars (inside anyway) it should have a bit more of something for everyone.
da.murf replied at 16:58, Mon 01 Apr, 2019
Taking my son to the sat am of this. His first show (16 months old....) Looking forward to it.