Eniskillen Clubman Rally at Carn Quarry

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Class event and so many mk2’s, think Glenn Allen won it in a McGeehan hired mk2, Gary Jennings’s (KG Motorsport) hired mk2 was stuck in 6th and there Brendan Campbell (I think it was) had a huge smash and ended up in hospital for one night at least, don’t think he’s seriously hurt but was knocked out for 5 minutes, also a friend Jason Harrison (from Eniskillen) rolled his newly built mk2 escort right in front of us but thankfully it’s mainly panel damage and him and co-driver got out smiling.

in particular style was a few manta’s and mk2’s with 106 cup cars appearing to rule the FWD roost though a blue Nissan sunny was well on the notes as per usual and was literally flying (see pictures for proof). The quarry took some prisoners and I have never seen so many cars go out of an event with broken shafts in all my life, but it’s all part of the sport I suppose and appeared to be a well run event though very little press about it so I’ll have results up when I happen upon them sometime.


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