Fire and Ice at Aghadowey Oval

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A dull and dreary day for the donutting event held for the second time this year at Aghadowey oval. I was met at my door by Gaz, Bronk, Mook and co. and we set off in convoy to the north County Antrim venue.

Unlike previous years’ queues at the gate, we were able to drive straight in and first impressions were that the turnout was going to be poor. But towards lunchtime the carparks were packed and the Sierras and Corollas were lined up for some mental diffing action on the oval. And mental it was, with more cars than ever getting pranged and the track looking like general chaos. Few cars left unscathed. Fortunately I had decided against taking the Senator out and instead took part in the timed lap along with Mark Luney in his R32 Skyline. It was fair to say that we both had great fun in full sideways form around the oval. We even gave it a bash later on in the day in a D1 style twin drift!

Again there was a good standard of show and shine cars but not as much variety or quantity as expected, and a lot of competitors found the judging offputting (cars ruled out if they didnt perform a burnout/breast flashing etc.), especially after having paid £20 at the gate to enter themselves and their car.


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