Fire and Ice at Aghadowey

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Aghadowey was again home to more tyre shredding madness as the country swarmed to the oval for another car show and diffing event.

IASCA weren’t having an official event, but they did provide an IDBL SPL contest for us noise freaks there. I was distracted, however, by the main events taking place on the track. There was a sierra, going flat out, sideways down the straight until stopping for a few donuts. This was after it had been racing around the oval, attempting to beat the best lap time set by an Evo. On came an old Audi 80, which was promptly parked nose-first against a wall for an ultimate burnout.

The track was then filled with a swarm of Twin-Cams – firstly donutting in turn as directed around one cone. Patience wore thin, however, and over 30 idle twinners were suddenly powered up left, right and centre, and the track became a rubber filled frenzy! The sierra joined in on the fun, as did an old Volvo and Vauxhall Carlton!

A crazy day’s entertainment – loads of fun, and legal! I can’t wait to get back to Aghadowey again for the next track day thrash.


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