Ford Owners Day at Kilrea Manor Hotel

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After a heavy duty cleaning session all day Saturday on the mk2 and praying for the weather just to hold out one more day, it was an early Sunday start for me and alan_c from <a href=”//” target=”_blank”>RMS</a> to gather ourselves and a few other cars up and make the short journey to Kilrea. Upon our early arrival it was time to get parked up and help out with any of the organising of the show that lay ahead.

Around 11am the first cars were making their appearances (and might I add very SHINY appearances) yes, the quality off cars coming down by the lakeside were the very best the blue oval could and did offer. There was everything coming to attend and I was informed during the day that over 20 mk2 escorts were there to my and many others delight, mk1 escorts, 280 brookland capris, cosworth sierras and escorts, and also some very tasty non fords in attendance too including my favourites the Mk2 Astra GTE 16V and Talbot Sunbeam 16Ti, very nice. With cars leaving early to go on elsewhere and motors arriving late due to long distances travelled we believe that between 100 and 120 cars were there, more than was expected which was fantastic. A great day was had out by all.


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