Frankfurt Motor Show at Frankfurt

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While booking flights for a recent business trip to Frankfurt I realised that the visit would coincide with the Frankfurt motor show. Great timing, considering the show is only run every 2 years. Two extra days were set aside to ensure enough time to see everything. I had read the press reports indicating how big the show was, but its not until you are actually standing there that you realise the scale of the event.

The show is known as the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung in Germany and is held at Frankfurts Messe complex which is a short train ride from the airport and a 10 minute walk from the Hauptbahnhof. Awaiting you inside the complex is 12 halls packed full of concept cars, 89 new releases, hybrids, range extender EVs, single seater urban EVs and not forgetting new and current production `normal everyday cars.’

Highlights of the show for me were the old and new Audi Quattros, the 800 Bhp Mercs on the Brabus stand, the VW Polo WRC, I took an odd liking to the Beetle Fender concept (Fender amp fitted and has a socket where you can plug in your guitar Rock!), Watching Asimo kicking a football (apparently this was very hard to create), the E28 M5, blagging my way into the Ferrari and Lambo VIP areas and everything on the Porsche stand of course.

I would highly recommend a trip to this show. The only downside is the massive crowds, but you have to expect that I guess. I went during the week, so I would guess the weekend would be even busier. The entrance fee is 13 Euro which is a bargain considering how much shows in England cost and they wouldnt be a fraction of the size. The manufacturers clearly go to an awful lot of effort and expense to put on this show and you can see how they are all now starting to push smaller cars and alternative fuel cars as well as the high end performance vehicles which made me realise we need to enjoy the big engined petrol cars we have now because technology is changing faster than we think.


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