Geneva Motorshow at Palexpo

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Well what better way to spend St.Patricks day than flying off 1000 miles to Geneva Switzerland for the 82nd Geneva international motorshow in the Palexpo center which runs from the 8th to the 18th of March.

It’s in a great location as the Palexpo center is part of the airport which means you can do this car show in one I did as it only takes a few minutes on foot and as you head throughout the airport your are teased with a number of concept cars.

This Geneva show has seen the release of lamborghinis new and one of a kind Adventadoor J which is a hardened version of the Adventadoor with the roof cut off and its 6.5 liter engine putting out 700bhp. And before yous start to ask at the start off the show a very wealthy man made Lamborghini an offer off 1.8millon so it’s not for sale. It was by far the crowds favourite as you had to fight your way through 10+ rows of people just to even get a glimpse of it.

Aswell as that as per usual at the Geneva Motorshow Ferrari released there new car the F12 which is to replace the Ferrari 599. The F12 is the fastest v12 Ferrari has produced to date and it’s also got a few new tricks and upgrades like the wind tunnels to force the air running over the bonnet to get redirected and forced out the side giving it better aerodynamics. Aswell as the F12 they also had the FF, a new upgraded California, 458 and the 458 Spyder.

Aston martin brought a range of old and new toys to Geneva including the new V12 Zagato with 510bhp and will top out at 190mph. Aston had a few of their olders cars there such as the DB9s etc.

Pagani showed off there latest car the Huayra both in painted and naked carbon fibre, its a work of art. This car has a 6.0 Mercedes AMG V12 Twin Turbo engine putting out 700bhp and with a top speed of 230mph.

The long awaited Honda NSX concept was unveiled, aswell as the new Civic, CRX and a few other models.

Bugatti brought with them. 3 Veryons all different versions with the latest being the Vitesse which is the blue tinted carbon fibre one with blue trim aswell as the car in stainless steel and grey, all starting off from about 1.5 Million .

Another top end car company Gumpet showed off a road going and race version of their Apollo which at one stage was faster than the rival Bugatti Veryon.

Two of the biggest styling icons in Italian motors Pininfarina and Bertone where also competeing against each other as both had concept cars on display, pit also had a lovely wee old Alfa on his display aswell.

As per usual BMW released more models of the current ranges of cars aswell as having a number of there own electric concept cars including the I3 and the I8. The I8 has a electric motor delivering 128bhp to the front axle aswell as having a 1.5 3 cylinder engine in the rear which adds an extra 220bhp to the rear axle. The I8 has a battery only range of about 20 miles and can be recharged in 2 hours.

For me my favourite section was RUF Porsche as they had two of the CTR3s on display along with the RGT 8 911 and the limo version of the Panameran which they call the RXL. cayenne. The CTR3 has a 6 cylinder 3.7 liter boxer engine which produces 700bhp and gives the CTR3 a top speed off 235mph and a 0-62 time of 3.2seconds.

Louts had a number of racing lotus on display from the new Evora race car to the current F1 car, they also had an all carbon fibre version off the Evora.

One type of car you couldn’t stop seeing was the new VW Up no matter where you turned they had a different spec off up from a standard up to a model with no doors to a winter up equipped with snowboarding equipment ..there was even a swiss Up.

There was a vast amount of tuners ranging from Hamann to Tech-Art modifying anything from an Audi A1 to the new McLaren and the Adventadoor aswell as a large number of Porsches. Hamann even tunned up a table and chair set making them out of carbon fibre.

But the big topic of this year’s show was green cars and there was a vast amount of them ranging from the leaf upto the I8 BMW (which is one electric car I think everyone would drive). And Nissan also showed a full race prepd zero emmissons Nissan leaf electric racer.

There was a great collection of cars on hall 7 which most people look over as it all garage/maintenance items at crazy money.

It should be interesting to see how many concepts will ever see the production floor…


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