Gortin Cruise at Gortin Forest Park

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The day was far from over at the close of <em>Loud and Live</em> and the word was spread that there would be a cruise at Gortin Forest Park, just past Omagh.

We convoyed up with a whole host of other modified cars and site members ChrisNoMates, Bronk, Rugrat and Big Dog. After negotiating our way past dozens of cars parked up the track to the main car park I got stuck in with the RMS flyers throughout the crowd, including giving forum member Fast Cav one without realising! There was an impressive turnout with easily 200 cars and I’m sure twice the amount of people.

The twin-cams were out throwing rings, as were MR2s and MX-5s and all was going well until one of the MX-5 pilots miscalculated and ended up hitting the front bumper of a parked twincam. It was only light damage, but it still inspired a cheer from the crowd as they heard the crunch! This wasn’t the only mishap of the night, as a civic vtec owner found himself without gear selection after some hard burnout action.

Suddenly everyone started running for their cars – very <em>Fast and the Furious</em> as I was informed the police had just arrived and had set up two checkpoints along the exit lanes of the park. Everyone was able to leave hastle free, and the poor civic driver sat and waited to get towed by the waiting recovery truck at the entrance.


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