GTI NI Castlewellan Show at Castlewellan

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With DubShed doing so well in March past the big question on everyones lips was whether it had now pushed Castlewellan out of the limelight or if Castlewellan would be able to hold its own.

Everywhere in Northern Ireland the night before and the morning of the show seemed to be getting a dose of rain, combine this with a few big concerts on the same day and it wasnt exactly a great start. Dubbers had other ideas though as they arrived in their masses. At 10.30 the place was on its way to full up and by 11.30 people were struggling for spaces. The weather was warm and dry all day and quite a few of us ended up going home a bit redder than expected.

The show as usual ran with its laid back theme of people parking up, BBQing, meeting old friends and browsing the trade stands. That is until the limbo was announced. Laid back certainly does not describe the limbo. People piled as many as they could into their cars to gain a few more precious millimeters to clear the bar for another pass with one guy cramming twenty six people into a 6N Polo and letting the air out of his tyres. Thats dedication!

The usual fundraising took place in aid of Clic sargent in the form of bbq, raffle and bucket collection…total to be announced shortly.

Car of the show went to Willie Murphy in his nut and bolt resto mk1 diesel…runner up went to Scott Campbell in his full show standard mk4 golf running airlift and amg splits just out of his workshop 4 hrs!

So while Dub Shed may have been a roaring it seems it hasnt eclipsed Castlewellan yet and by the craic that was had itll be a long time doing so.


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