GTINI Castlewellan at Castlewellan Forest Park

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Early July saw the annual return of all things Dub to Castlewellan Forest Park. GTINI kept up the tradition of running one of the most laid-back, family friendly shows in Northern Ireland. As well as the usual offerings from the Volkswagen marque, ranging from classic Beetles, Campers to the lastest boosted, DSG equipped Golfs and Audis, GTINI extended the show to BMW-NI and Showerks.

The Audi, Seat and Skoda cousins were also out in force, with everything from super-slammed TTs to hot hatch Ibizas. The mixture of hi-octane fuel and smokey barbeques made for a heady aroma, as GTINI ran the infamous car limbo competition, in order to prove how low you can go really matters!


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