Halfords Ripspeed Show at Craigavon

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On arrival at Halfords Ripspeed in Craigavon the front car park was full with top class modified cars as well as some more unique cars.

We browsed about the cars between the showers before going to get the camera to take some photo’s of the modified cars on show, which included, John Peden’s, Peden Concepts 205 with 19’s and Bora headlights, along with the Peden Concepts Clio with 206 headlights, Armo’s Celica complete with new fibre glass boot build & Nitrous Express Kit, Orla’s ecosse 206 complete with 19’s, both representing Street Racer. Also on show were Sp Micra with his flipped Civic on 19’s, Allymac with his lush flipped megane and Rocko with his air brushed Focus, there were a lot of other quality cars that I haven’t mentioned but over all the quality of cars at the Ripspeed/Halfords show and shine was top class and would show a few of the big shows up!

It was also good to see a few different cars, one of which was the head turning Ford Galpin, complete with an air filter the size of an average dinner plate & fully customised interior. The show was certainly pulling in the crowd’s with all ages stopping to have a look at the cars on show, some elderly folk stopping to look at some of the impressive boot builds in a few of the cars, I’m sure they didn’t see what the point in using your boot space for such a purpose is! Not only was the quality of the cars on show in the Halfords car park top quality but their could have been a second show in the B&Q car park, cars such as a flipped civic coupe, flipped corsa, golf head lighted nova and white Audio Advice Civic all of which were certainly up to show quality.

If the rain had of held off this would have been a top show, but unfortunately the organisers could predict the weather!


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