Huge Supercar Sunday Turnout at Bishopscourt for Charity

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Supercar Sunday saw an enormous turnout of exotic vehicles as part of the charity run ending up at the Bishopscourt race circuit in County Down.  The event was bolstered by both the Driven club and the new Bumblebee 1000 club, both supercar groups joining the main Supercar Sunday crowd for the charity event that supports both the Northern Ireland Air Ambulance and the Northern Ireland Hospice.

When I joined the early morning Sunday meet at Sprucefield near Lisburn, this translated into over a hundred supercars, and no doubt a multi-million pound convoy down the A1 towards Bishopscourt complete with police escort.

Organiser Ronan Cunningham from Portstewart originally planned to hold the Supercar Sunday in 2020, but plans were scuppered due to the pandemic.  Clearly there was pent up demand for a run out this time around, with even the most reclusive owners and garage queens being brought out and put through their paces, much to the delight of a large crowd of spectators at a damp Bishopscourt circuit.

At time of writing we don’t have the total funds raised for the respective charities, but with the crowds that attended there is little doubt that these very worthwhile causes will benefit greatly from this year’s Supercar Sunday at Bishopscourt.

Photos by Graham Baalham-Curry


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Big Pimp replied at 17:56, Tue 13 Jul, 2021
Really looking forward to this
mcnallys replied at 21:59, Tue 13 Jul, 2021
This will be good, my wee fella will wet himself. Will bring the 911 for sure……
300trophy replied at 17:02, Tue 27 Jul, 2021
Looking forward to this. I will be at the show providing safe wash facilities with at least 50% of each wash completed being donated to the chosen charities. If there are any forum members wishing to avail please let me know as I may bring some help on the day!
Chris_LeonFR replied at 09:26, Thu 05 Aug, 2021
Looking forward to this myself
rednaxela replied at 18:03, Sun 08 Aug, 2021
Looking forward to seeing some photos.?
Maranellohouse replied at 10:48, Wed 11 Aug, 2021
Yup I'll be there, first outing for the 456.
Chris100 replied at 11:41, Wed 11 Aug, 2021
Been looking forward to this, but as usual for here the weather is not looking great for Sunday.
Shannonsir replied at 09:03, Thu 12 Aug, 2021
What's the format for this?. Are people doing charity runs around the circuit in their cars to raise funds, and is there a static display too for those bringing other stuff?. Does a display spot need booked in advance or can you just show up at a specific time and get a spot?.
PeteJ replied at 09:19, Thu 12 Aug, 2021
i was going to call down in afternoon. hoping its dry. any chance i can go on track with my car? lol
KillerJim replied at 10:21, Thu 12 Aug, 2021
Think I might take the kids down to this; they're nuts for super cars :)