IASCA Sound Off at Audio Advice

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The third IASCA sound off of the season was held at Audio Advice in Portadown. Among the spectators was a representative of Genesis in their ICE’d up Mini. Davy Smith did the usual, adding his own personal flavour of humour to the events! As usual RMS and Jon44w.com were the subject of ridicule from the "millennium dome" – the new term for Davy’s Bald head!

It was good to see Gavin Millar competing for the first time in his Kicker packed Mini, and he scored an impressive 143.7dB from a single 12" Kicker Square sub. However, all eyes were focused on the big contenders of the day, Mark Duffy (MD) with his single 15" MTX in his Astra and Stuart Patrick with his Kicker equipped Micra. As seen before, these cars have produced tremendous SPL levels per surface area of speaker – coming within .1dB at the last event (despite being in different classes). Stuart however impressively topped his previous score from 150.2 to 150.8dB – earning him the rank of the loudest car in Ireland. Will this last till the end of the season – only time will tell!

John Semple from jon44w.com was only to glad to help Davy finish off the day after the outlaw SPL testing, by starting off an SPL scream contest. I only managed a poor 133.4dB level, but we reckon that it was a fix! Davy impressed us with a girly scream of 148… but the loudest car of the day was John’s Evo VI dump valve which registered a whopping 165.5dB!

<p align=”center”><b><font size=”3″>SPL Results</font></b>

<p align=”center”><b>Stock 1-260
</b>1st – Mark Duffy – 149.6dB
2nd – Gavin Millar – 143.7dB 

<p align=”center”><b>Stock 261-720
</b>1st – Stuart Patrick – 150.8dB
2nd – Andy Graham – 146.0dB

<p align=”center”><b>Advanced
</b>148.9 – Paul Honlley

<p align=”center”><b><font size=”3″>SQ Results</font></b>

<p align=”center”><b>Novice Street
</b>1st – Jackie Maxwell
2nd – John Surgeoner

<b>Novice Ultimate
</b>1st – Neil Kelly
2nd – Mark Overend

<p align=”center”><b>1-600 Amateur
</b>1st – Baron Bedi (by only 4 pts)
2nd – Davy Whigham

<p align=”center”><b>Pro Class</b>

<p align=”center”>Davy Smith


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