Jap Auto Extravaganza at Billing Aquadrome

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The Japanese Auto Extravaganza (JAE) was on at Billing in Northampton. We left on the Friday night at midnight with three cars: Davy Hollingers Supercharged Corolla GT Coupe, my own Integra Type-R and Seamy from the PCC brought his Father’s Starion Turbo.

After a long 380 mile journey we arrived at Northampton’s Billing Aquadome. A huge venue with over 2000 cars expected. I had my car on the Honda Revolutions club stand (for Type-R Hondas) and Davy had his on the Fensport stand which had some amazing machinery including a new corolla 5 door (with 4WD and st205 Celica running gear – yes 420bhp!!) With a 12.5 second proven quarter mile I won’t be flashing my lights at that one on the motorway!

There was so much stuff – every old Datsun, Suzuki, Nissan, Toyota, Daihatsu and so many skylines in all degrees of modification but the Fensport cars were amazing.

A great show spoiled a bit by the weather although it dried up on Sunday to a great day. A must see for all Jap car men out there – don’t miss it next year!

I nearly forgot a great sight on the motorway at 5am as the DubSport twin-engined Golf cruised past us, driver complete with earmuffs!!

Thanks to:

– Davy Hollinger
– Seamy
– Mark "Sideways Buff" Luney
– Eugene
– Campbell


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