Londonderry / Derry Photoshoot at Campsie Area

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After a few weeks hype on the RMS forum, we made our way to the Sound in Motion premises in Campsie, Derry / L’Derry for the RMS photoshoot today at 3pm. I had arranged to meet Andy, Rugrat, Pablo and co. just outside the town and we made our way to the meeting point together. In true North-west style however, the weather was absolutely dreadful and I didn’t have high hopes for a decent turnout.

There were a few cars already at the SIM premises waiting for us. The first car I spotted was Snot, who had arrived in his bright green ‘AstroSnot’ Mark II Astra (it would be hard to miss!). Also in attendance was Bob in his smooth Dturbo 306, parked next to Scrob in his magazine-featured Seat Ibiza. A meetup wouldn’t be a meetup without a 206 in attendance, and Dermot didn’t let us down with his wide-arch blue 206. I was pleased to also note the attendance of a yellow M3 – maybe this photoshoot would have some entertainment factor, raining or not.

One of the maddest Corsas about was also there, bright green with a Subaru inspired front bumper and a rear spoiler to match. We decided to sit tight for a while and wait for a break in the weather. As we waited, I noted a few more of the cars joining us; Kieran in his ‘cop car’ Vectra, a sweet 206 with Lexus lights, a very loud blue Clio and some others.

Deciding that the weather wasn’t going to improve any, we made a move to a local airstrip. This provided a decent expanse of very wet concrete and within seconds, a yellow M3 was going hell for leather as we spectated. Some diffing action kept us entertained for a while till he decided to take a break and let the tyres cool down a little. By this stage, we had been joined by some new cars – namely Adam from RMS in his CRX Vtec, his companion in a very nice Alfa 156, and a 2.0 16v Calibra. Rugrat started snapping the cars, almost losing her head in a severe backfire incident involving the Snot. Shortly after, we decided it was time to liven things up and myself and Andy made our way to the bottom of the airstrip for some enthusiastic one-on-one action – as dodgy as it sounds. The Corolla and Civic promptly tried to outgun each other to the top of the strip, both suffering major traction problems. Next up was myself and Adam in his CRX, closely follow by Adam and Pablo in his 2.0 Turbo Rover.

After finishing the pictures and messing about for a while, we all made our way to the Craigavon bridge so that Rugrat could record some of the cars on the bottom deck .For those of you who haven’t been here before, the bottom deck offers an incredible echo effect and any car with an exhaust or dump valve sounds fantastic on it. We killed some more time here and then decided to leave for home, but not before we made a quick detour to the Pennyburn Bowling Alley for some food and a few rounds on Sega Rally.

All in all, a good turnout for the weather (about 20 cars) and a decent day’s fun – hopefully the sun will be out for the next one.


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