Loud & Live Weekender at Ecclesville Ctr

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Boasting Northern Ireland’s first late night outdoor stunt show, <em>Loud and Live</em> had something different to offer – and it was an unprecidented success. The show returned to its venue in Fintona and organised by both AJS Promotions and Steer from the Rear.  I was kindly asked to bring along my R33 Skyline to join in the live display, so I could hardly refuse!

The organisers struggled on the Saturday morning to fill the indoor show hall after a flood of last minute withdrawl of several show cars.  This was surprising, as new Lisburn based shop, <em>East Coast Customs</em> had put up a £1000 prize fund for the top three show cars of the day.  Even though the main hall wasn’t as full as everyone would have liked, there was plenty to see.  The <em>AutoTrader </em>stand featured the General Lee as advertised and nearby ICE masters <em>Audio Advice</em> had their show stopping Renault 19 on display.  

However, it wasn’t indoors that the main appeal of this show was held.  Outside, myself along with Mark Luney (R32 GTR Skyline), Alan McBride (BMW M3, Evo 4 RS), Campbell Lemon (AE86 Corolla) and Steer From the Rear created the lineup for one of the biggest ever live action shows.  Coupled with crazy bikers with their 6th gear burnouts mixed in with the car action seemed to entertain all, with kids hands over their ears at the sound of the GTR’s backfires.  Special note must go to compere DJ Danny Dee, who really did get the crowd involved in the action.  Our limelight was stolen by the 9 year old lad on the quad bike(see photos) which topped the event off.

The night time show was spectacular, with exhaust flames lighting up the arena.  Paul Conlan (SFTR) strapped fireworks to his 300zx and set them off whilst circling another box of them.  A night most definitely to remember.

I’d like to thank Andrew Short at AJS and all the lads (Chris, Brandy and Paul) from Steer from the Rear for being invited to the event.  Maybe not the busiest or most outrageous but everyone seemed to have the best two days craic and surely that’s what its all about.


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