Lough Shore Cruise at Lough Shore Car Park

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Fast Car were in the province, and they headed to Raceview Karting in Ballymena, before heading to a cruise at the Lough Shore in Antrim.

A busy car park with a few Corolla Twin-Cams in attendance and 80 other odd cars meant there was some action on the cards, and as soon as Fast Car arrived things kicked off. Certain RMS members got things "lit", and the FC cameraman picked up the action (which ended up in a 5 picture strip in the mag). Then a twin-cam became the focus of attention, smoking out some rings for the crowd (and the camera!)

Robert O’Brien (madmodding on the Forum), impressed us with his stunning Kindom Developments Corsa. I was even more impressed to see that he had www.reallymeansounds.co.uk on his back bumper! Also attending was Richie Lavin (organiser of the up-coming 100% Modified in Dublin), in his Alfa flip-painted GTO. He was up promoting the show, and had driven the whole way from Wexford in his fuel thirsty Twin-Turbo! I also met John Semple from <a href=”//www.jon44w.com”>jon44w.com</a>, and we both raced about with our cameras to capture the action.

Of course it was only a matter of time until the police turned up, and created a checkpoint at the end of the exit road…


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