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Fly from Max Power magazine arrived in Bangor to do a cruise photoshoot, hailing the long-awaited return of MP, last seen in mid-April <a href=”//,_Bangor_21.04.02″>[see here]</a> at the Co. Down home of cruise.

Robert, Gaz, another bob and myself arrived down to the top carpark shortly after 8pm to be rerouted away by the police. After parking elsewhere I took a quick run round the cars to see who was about. I was greeted by a huge bangorcruise banner under which I found various RMS members doing the usual, and I had a chance to put faces to names again whilst meeting Dave from Bangorcruise, ChrisCelica and Max-in-ni.

As I roamed round again, I met members of the new site – they were bombarding the place with flyers (something I would never do! 😉 The place was packed, with several hundred people (non-cruisers included) strolling through the sea of modified metal. Everyone seemed well behaved (maybe due to the extreme police presence – including a landrover with a huge camera), and the atmosphere was a very friendly one which really does say a lot about how civilised these events can be.

Of course I caught up with Fly from Max Power as he toured on his lonesome, trying to grab as many similar pictures as I could. There was a mad rush and we all ran up the grass bank surrounding the car park to see some dissapointing scooter burnouts. By then it was clear that some people wanted to do just more than sit parked all night, and word was quickly spread to head to Derriaghy. So off we went, straggling last as usual…

We arrived into Dunmurry Maxol to find that the police had blocked off a Toys-R-Us carpark and were questioning all within. Needless to say over a hundred cars made a further dash across Belfast and headed towards Antrim – the destination, Nutts Corner.

I met jon44w in what was the centre of the action. Twin-cams, astras – even a Carlton GSi were all in having a go. A crowd of over 400 had formed a huge circle in which at one time 4 cars were diffing the life out of them! Fly came out and joined in the (life-threatening) fun, and gave us photography tips between burnouts. Respect to the female twin-cam driver who showed up all the lads and really did play for the camera. The Max Power photographer attempted to try his luck with the lady, but got nowhere! Good on the M3 driver who put on a show for us, and what can I say – a black R32 Skyline. Outstanding.


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