Max Power Cruise at Lisburn / Nutts Corner

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The back of the Lisburn Omniplex provided a new venue for the modified car enthusiasts of Northern Ireland to meet up. Fly from <a href=”//” target=”_blank”>Max Power</a> was over to cover what was a busy cruise.

I parked up beside the Performance Car Club boys, with Lotus Carlton and GT3000 present. There was the usual contingent of Corolla Coupés and familiar faces not to mention more cameras operated by the crop of new local modified car websites. Rugrat, now RMS’s regular photographer was out along with myself and Graham (Ka Klub) to capture the latest cars on the scene. I spotted a never seen before Clio in Alfa Romeo flip paint (pictured).

The Lisburn carpark only facilitated a quiet gathering, giving Max Power the chance to get hold of some Northern Irish girls for interview. Then it was off to Nutts Corner, which is rapidly becoming a popular cruise venue. The twin-cams were out in force, along with the experts in Carlton GSi and BMW M3 showing how its done.

A freezing night, but with a turnout of excess of 200 cars not to mention the fantastic diffing action, definitley a good one.


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