Max Power Live at NEC

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The day started off early getting up at 4.30 to head to the airport with Chris and Scooby for our flight to Birmingham. After the flight and making our way to the NEC we arrived at 9am just as the doors were opening.

As we walked in we were met with a row of 3 cars, a purple BMW convertible white a white pimp interior, a JGTC style German Skyline R34 and Max Power’s lambo-doored 350Z. After a quick look around the Skyline we took a dander round to see what was on offer this year.

We soon discovered that along with some totally stunning cars, such as the RX7.8 (RX 7 with RX 8 front) and the Redline Skyline, there was some absolute tack on show such as the orange metalflake Saxo and 206 lighted Corsa with the exhaust coming out through the boot (both pictured). All weekend I waited for it to be started hoping the MDF surrounding the exhaust inside would catch fire.

As ever the was plenty of stunning girls wondering about and a wide verity of styles of cars such as the euro Corsa C, Jap import RX 7, show cars like the 350Z kitted 206 and just totally weird stuff like the aforementioned Corsa with 206 lights.

On the main stage was some “entertainment” from some guy rapping really fast. Why? I don’t know. But next the Fuel Girls unveiled NV Autostyling’s new MR2. This was a gorgeous gun metal grey MR2 with a very NSX-esque bodykit. This was followed from some very nice dancing from the girls.

To conclude though, the show was great and I’ll definitelys be back next year. The one criticism I do have though is that very few of the stalls were offering show prices or could be bargained with. But roll on next year!


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