Maxed Car PhotoShoot at AutoTrader Premesis

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As part of a launch campaign for the AutoTrader-produced modified car mag, <em>Maxed Car</em>, an afternoon photoshoot had been organised in the Auto Trader car park at Dargan Crescent, Belfast. The gates were open from 12 so Robert (RMS CRX) and myself took a brief run down to see what was happening.

I had barely pulled into the driveway at home when the CRX landed to run us down to the shoot. Only just back from Slane I was feeling a bit worse for wear after the drinking/driving (seperate events I assure) / sunburn and I quickly donned the RMS Andy shirt before we hit Vtec. On our [relatively late] arrival we met up with Jamie (j16jrf), Nigel (veedubboy), Baz, Pete (BV) and others from the site before getting a few photos in. I also got to meet with Gareth Morrow, one of the <em>Maxed Car</em> team who had been in contact with me regarding the site through email, and he had to endure my ramblings.

We nipped off for a few quick photos of the Venom Coupé and CRX beside the docks before heading back home to grab some grub in preperation for a big night in Bangor.


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