Modified Motors Return to Fintona

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It’s been five years since the Fintona car show based at the Ecclesville Centre was last run by AJS and Modified Motors Magazine (now online).   A lot has changed in the car show scene.  Max Power has passed it’s shelf life and some of that generation with it – I’m probably one of them.  So how did things fare in 2016?

A ‘Twin Cam’ corolla in the Ecclesville Arena is a touch of nostalgia for sure, and can clearly still pull the crowds along with IS200s and dift competitor Danielle Murphy in a skyline-engined Nissan S14.  Monster Energy’s Buttsy Butler, previously of Opposite Lock fame at these events, brought along his V8 Nissan S15.

Inside and there were the usual trade and club stands, with special attractions including the Liberty Walk mini above along with a Mansory Bentley. DJ, food and prizes ensured car owners had an enjoyable day.

Holding up the Fintona show against the litmus test of local events, Dubshed, it just didn’t quite have the variety or appeal as those purely static shows, but in its own right there’s still something fun about having so much going on in a more compact location.  The date clashing with several other motoring events didn’t help either.

Maybe its the rose tinted glasses talking here, but I’d like to see AJS and Modified Motors refine the offering and return to County Tyrone next year.

Photos by Graham Curry


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