Motor Show at Kings Hall

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We headed off to the International Motor Show in the Kings Hall, Belfast. Just in the door we were greeted by a beautiful Focus WRC and a muscularly engined Alfa Romeo GTV. Other attractions included a Metro 6r4, the new MG ZR range and the VX220.

The vauxhall stand was very impressive, with <a href=”//” target=”_blank”>Russ Swift</a> showing his latest autotesting and precision driving skills with the VX220, corsa and astra. He took a few spectators out in the car with him during a series of handbrake turns in his unique "parallel parking" style, and I tried like hell to be picked – but to no avail!

We met up with our friend, Paul Houston, at his Sound in Motion stand – where we spieled at length about all things car audio. Also along the top level section was the PSNI stand, with its scary marked Mitsibushi Evo 6. You won’t be outrunning <i>that</i>!


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Steve replied at 12:32, Tue 08 Feb, 2011
1000 is a big target to go for, hope they make it tho
Karlos Da Jackle replied at 12:32, Tue 08 Feb, 2011
Awesome. But I definately would not have the balls to drive it,lol. You really would to of made your will.
Scuba Steve replied at 12:41, Tue 08 Feb, 2011
Awesome. But I definately would not have the balls to drive it,lol. You really would to of made your will. i dont think you drive it - i think you hope in it!! :|
ashloys replied at 12:42, Tue 08 Feb, 2011
Would look good with some dished rims!
belfastchris replied at 12:58, Tue 08 Feb, 2011
give oul hammond the keys for an hour
Con replied at 13:25, Tue 08 Feb, 2011
Artoir replied at 22:19, Tue 08 Feb, 2011
Remember reading about this a few years ago, cool to see it all coming together. Some very intelligent people behind it anyway.
Cro replied at 22:33, Tue 08 Feb, 2011
Love the fact it's happening, maybe i'm getting old but what's the point these days? I'd rather someone build a bridge to the moon then a car that can do 1000mph to it lol
jinjur replied at 08:37, Wed 09 Feb, 2011
Looking forward to this, was always mesmerised by Thrust SSC.....fooking nuts popping the sound barrier YouTube - Thrust ssc YouTube - Thrust SSC - external view from the tail What was more nuts, was watching JUST how much correction Andy Green was having to do at daft speed.......simply amazing YouTube - Thrustssc goes supersonic J
Gambit replied at 10:21, Thu 26 Oct, 2017
has its first public 200mph runs today...... BLOODHOUND to make first public runs ?itok=WMJjzqAY