MotorPlus at Kings Hall

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After the demise of the Motor Show at the Kings Hall, organisers Elite Promotions decided to change the format and give the event a more contemporary feel, not to mention running it in the summer unlike the February based Motor Show.  Max and I went along to see if it lived up to their high expectations.

We were met at the door by a huge yacht, perhaps not the first thing you would expect to see at a car show.  Luckily Charles Hurst Specialist Cars were not far away and we were immediately distracted by the stunning Ferrari F430.  Big spenders at the front doors!  Another car that surprisingly caught our eye was the new Megané RenaultSport 225 in striking orange paintwork.  Big brembo 4 pot calipers, big wheels and a rather attractive looking leather interior not including big power (for a Megané) definitely made it the main attraction of the Renault stand.  

Outside the main hall and we were into the world of TVR.  The Sagaris I think for both of us was the car of the show – simply stunning.  One of the main attractions at the TVR stand was that you could book yourself in for a test drive and although I didn’t take them up on the offer, the show is still on until Sunday, so you never know!  Vauxhall was next on the agenda, with Astra and Monaro VXR models sitting side by side.   

The other marques were scattered throughout the halls and grounds.  VW was showcasing its new Phaeton beside Mitsubshi with their latest Lancer Evo 8 260.  Nissan had their own special display, with stunt driver Russ Swift showcasing two Micra’s and a 350z.  Upstairs contained the likes of the Police and DVLNI, the PSNI having a hard hitting mock-up of a crash site with a Clio on its roof.  No doubt Renault weren’t too happy with their choice of car!  I also had the pleasure of chatting to Jonny Rice from the Queen’s Formula Racing club and the full run down on their race car.

All in all I didn’t think Motorplus was greatly different from the Motor Show it replaces, but if you want to see what car manufacturers have to offer in 2005 under one roof it is the only place to go.


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