Nutts Corner Track Day at Nutts Corner Motorsports Centre

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Today was cold, snowy, windy, and peaceful until this lot got let loose on Nutts Corner race circuit, when all hell was let loose and lap after lap the drifting just got to the mental stage!

With a lot of thanks to Mark (aka – sidewaysbuff) Luney’s tyre sponsor Kerr’s Tyres of Antrim we had a really great day today with a lot of big powered RWD machinery including Renault GTA Alpina, Nissan 200sx, Lexus Soarar, 2 Vauxhall Carlton GSi’s, Ford Granada, Jaguar, mk1 Escort and then Mark had his Subaru legacy turbo up for a 4 wheel drifting session.

The day started off with the cars getting used to the icy / very slippy track conditions and there was no sign of it drying out too much so a lot of battling was done with steering wheels and grass run offs it has to be said and from being in the passenger seat of Mackie’s red Carlton I can say it was very very slippy on track and I definitely wouldn’t have liked to be trying to control 200+bhp to the rear wheels of any car today, never mind flat out on a track !

The Granada eventually blew the gear box I believe which was the end of it’s day, Mackie got rid of 1 set of tyres, the Lexus and 200sx where very impressive indeed and the drivers kept the foot in it all day long which was great to see and fair play lads as yous couldn’t have gone any harder or had any more fun by the looks of it, the jag was real funny to watch as it hung in big drifts out of the corners in pure class, and the mk1 escort well what can I say other than "what a motor" (can ya tell I like my old fords !) while Mark in the legacy took the wheel of the red Carlton due to the track drying up a wee bit meaning the legacy didn’t like it as much. Alan in the white Carlton with the L plate on the rear just had a ball of a time (and left a serious amount of ball shaped black marks about the track)

So all in all a really really enjoyable and cold day and much thanks again must go to Kerr’s Tyres of Antrim and Mark for getting us down to enjoy the action.


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