Nutts Corner Track Day at Nutts Corner Motorsports Centre

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This is the 3rd or 4th RMS testing session at Nutts Corner race track and what a day it turned out to be. Arriving just before the rest of the crowd I was greeted by a lot of tyre smoke at the top corner, immediately I knew Mark Luney (buff) was there and with more style in the M5 than I have ever seen, especially with the intermediate slicks on the front for even better grip and sure-slides on the rear for the hero drifts.

I got a run round in the sideways M5 to my delight, by the time we had done a few laps the rest of the team had arrived including Campbell Lemon’s Corolla GT Coupe, Davy Hollinger’s supercharged yellow coupe, Dave McNeill’s Sierra cossie, Martin McNeill’s Escort cossie, Jonny in the Impreza, Andy Cooper in his 14” wheeled monster corolla and Richard Walsh in a very quick, mint example of a Renault Alpine GTA Turbo.

So the cars where there, and the sun was out in force to make track conditions very nice. The cossies and impreza looked like RWD they where pushing that hard and fair play lads I have to say, not every day do you get an escort cossie buried in a gravel trap (he he) and also a subaru impreza with nothing but wire acting as rear tyres as a result of the drifting, as for the Sierra well all I can say “is it actually 4×4 Dave?” unreal power and sideways action from it.

Sideways always in his GT coupe is only getting used to the track days and he is coping well with the new skill of drifting, then Brandy from Steer From The Rear took to the drivers seat of the coupe to really give it the rack to rack attitude and I have to say he done it with style (not without a few spins though), the boffin was also in rack to rack mood in his supercharged coupe and he is loving the tracks more and more!

Andy was on full throttle on the 14” steelies and I have to say big up the Rolla, she took a good hammering and the handbrake works well mate, the Renault Alpine GTA Turbo is a strange looking car and this was the first time I have ever seen one driving hard and by heck it could shift, really rapid car and a perfect example.


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