Nutts Corner Track Night at Nutts Corner Motorsports Centre

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Mark Luney had hired Nutts Corner Motor Sports Centre race track for two hours of drifting, and a few select RMS members were allowed to attend this private event.

The track was booked for two hours of evening fun with the following machinery:

– the Boffin (Davy Hollinger) in his yellow corolla (1.6 supercharged twin cam)
– SidewaysBuff (Mark Luney) in his silver GSi Carlton (3.0 GSi v6)
– M5con (Clive) in his BMW M5 (straight six 3.8, E34 model)
– Mackie in his red GSi Carlton
– Alan McBride in his White Carlton
– red Nissan 200sx

Buff had promised me that I would see and experience driving that I had not seen the like of at any of the big events or cruises and that big power rear wheel drive cars would be on the limit. Needless to say it wasn’t long before I was in the passenger seat of Mark’s carlton which was constantly broadways around hairpins and drifting corners. Mackie was out in similar style, but the 200sx took a while before getting into its stride. Clive, who had professed that the M5 would not go anywhere near the track couldn’t resist the urge and it wasn’t long before the BMW was tail out on the tarmac.

I finally got out in Davy’s wide arched coupé – something I had been wanting to experience for a long time. A truly amazing machine which superb handling and bags of torque to push it round the track. A leaf blower was on the go two to keep the engines warm between runs. This sort of driving is incredibly hard on the cars and after around five or six laps it was back to the pits to let them cool off. Mark’s front alloys were scalding to touch, and Mackie lost part of a side skirt due to a strip of rubber from a back tyre!

A great nights craic which introduced me to a whole new driving style – the art of drifting.


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Andy is the founding member of RMS, and when he's not following motoring events around the UK and Ireland he can be found on the track (sideways, having competed in top level drifting for a decade), or of course he'll be on the forum.

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