Overwhelming Turnout at Show for Enzo

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Today saw a huge turnout of motoring enthusiasts at Bangor’s Tesco Springhill underground car park in aid of raising some much needed funds for young Enzo, a local kid sadly diagnosed with life-limiting Muscular Distrophy.

Enzo’s family and friends are well known in the petrolhead community here and running a fund raising car show gave us all a chance to turn up and show our support.  Despite dull weather and muddy local roads, well over 200 cars turned up in the underground parking for the event.

Over £4000 was raised today, adding to funds from Enzo’s Go Fund Me Page and other events to help bring some joy to what will be a difficult life journey for this young chap.  Well done to organisers Mark and Nigel, Enzo, his friends and family for making this a great day enjoyed by all.

Photos thanks to Warren Hewitt 


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Terry replied at 15:42, Mon 24 Oct, 2016
I was reading this story / linked to a just giving page and realised it's the same cause; My son's problems running turned into something much more serious Might be good for a bit of context for people and get them to go along and donate - maybe a link to the donations page would be good for those that can't attend too. A few of us should be along (y)
MichaelMc replied at 21:14, Sat 29 Oct, 2016
Will be heading up, will be sure to bring something tasty along to the day. Not a car show fan but this is a good cause
NI_Volvo_Nut replied at 15:17, Mon 31 Oct, 2016
I'm going to take the 740 to this, simply because its on my door step and it's a great cause, if the V70 is tidied up I may take it too, or I may just take it for the additional support for the cause. Davy's bikes is also running a raffle to win a new scooter with all proceeds being donated to the cause.
McFall1984 replied at 15:31, Mon 31 Oct, 2016
Might take the 4door a run
zafturbo replied at 22:59, Mon 31 Oct, 2016
| Might take the 4door a run
What did you buyback,I missed this .seen you talking about addictive anti-lag .sounds good whatever it's on lol.
McFall1984 replied at 08:50, Tue 01 Nov, 2016
| What did you buyback,I missed this .seen you talking about addictive anti-lag .sounds good whatever it's on lol.
Waiting on bumper, bonnet an spoiler coming for my r34 skyline Not so much buyback but for years I wanted a 4 door skyline, now I got one :D
rotor_dude replied at 22:18, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
uh huh huh, uh, what town is this at ? post code ? do you have to book a space etc ? thanks
collyirwin11 replied at 22:25, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
Tesco Springhill, just at the end of the Belfast-Bangor carriageway, on the Old Belfast Road. Not sure on the allocation of spaces, I assumed you just turned up. :S
rotor_dude replied at 22:36, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
thanks collyirwin11, (y) dont have a clue where that is, but will search tesco springhill, thanks
rotor_dude replied at 22:37, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
oogle search comes up with Springhill Retail Park, Killeen Ave, Bangor BT19 1ND